The night on the 15 in Hampton Roads

Last night was a lot of fun and I made a little bit of money through out the trip. I started at 10:00pm because I was playing games with my family and wanted to go out and see what the night life was about. I started in Newport news and ended up in Hampton. The business in Newport news is good with a lot of drops coming from Hoss’s Deli near Oyster Point. The riders were all having a good time and I did not have any issues with the people whom were getting in to the car.

I started to get riders from Hampton because one of the trips placed me out there and that was a lot of fun. I meet a group of people whom were great and lived a ways out from Hampton but the trip was great and enjoyable. It was the four of them and a tight squeeze in the BMW but we got them to their destination. It was a man and three women and all three of the women were trying to get me to go party at there house once I dropped them off.

The night went on and I drove until 2:00 am making about $50 at night. It is not bad money if you want to do it on the weekends and night.

Just Remember don’t end up being like this taxi driver.

Until next time,




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