Day two in Hampton Roads

Today was a good day I learned a lot about the whole Uber concept goes. I started at 7:00 am and got some of the people that needed to get to work. The work in Newport news is good and it keeps me busy all morning. I want to see how the other parts of the Hampton Roads area so I went to Norfolk and Hampton to see how it was.

There was a lot of surging in Hampton near 664 and Hampton university. This is because of the college students that are down their and they all like to go area in an Uber. Norfolk was hot all of the day, most of the good surging 2* and 3* rates were in the Roland hills and green hill park.

Some of the cool things that happened today is that I believe i transported a drug dealer to his spot that he needed to go to. Once they got in to the car the man was like has lady where is that eighth. I just could not believe my eats and i kind of ignored what was going on. I don’t think  I should have but that is just what I did.

On a good note I had a few people come in and tip after the ride was completed. I thought that was cool and getting a 5 dollar tip is always nice. I got a few other tips throughout the day and made out all right.

The night should help get my numbers up and over the 100 day make today we shall see.

Thank You ,



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