The First Day

14 July 2017 marks the first day that I was able to get on the road and drive a bit. I was very nervous at first because I did not know what to do at all and that is all right. So I pulled in the phone and then went online. This was the start of an interesting night but none the less. I ended up doing three trips and making $30.68. My first trip was short with a lady in her mid 30’s and she was a joy to have in the car. She was very talkative and shared some of here stories with me. The second trip was with a young lady in her 20’s going to have a night on the town. And the last lady was going to her friends house a ways down the road.

Each one of the drives had their own cool meaning and coolness to them.

I did learn some things about Uber the first day. The first thing is set the Uber application online first thing you can and go to a busy area that you would like to drive in. Second thing is to look at the trends that are going on in your area. If you would like to make more money you need to go to the surge pricing areas that will give you *2 or *3 the regular rate. This is very important because you will make more money. 3 Make a tip sign like I have attached and place it in your car. This mill make people laugh and have a good time and remind them that they should rate your performance. This will make sure you keep this 5 star rating and keep the people wanting to ride with you. The last piece of advice is to be a person to the rider. Do not just sit their and not talk to your riders it will make for a better ride for the both of you and people will feel better when tipping you.


Last thing that just changed today is the option to tip the driver. The sign will help because the rider will be able to tip with the application with out a problem.

Thanks for keeping in touch, until tomorrow.