Getting Started

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I woke up and finally got the Green Light to start to drive with Uber. I am super excited and super nervous as well. I need to get the car cleaned up and make sure I go get my Uber Swag to place on my car while I drive. I made sure to look this up because you want to make sure that you are in compliance with the companies policy. Image result for uber decal in car

Right above is an example of where it will have to be located at. I will hop on later and let you all know how the first ride goes and give you any tips or tricks about the whole experience.

If you want to start driving and make a little extra at the beginning please feel free to contact me when you do. If you use my referral code I will get some extra money and you are going to get some as well. This is if you complete a certain number of trips.

My Referral code is:  rafaelp5111ue

Once again I want to thank you all for coming in and enjoy this blog.