The Waiting Game

Good Afternoon,

So I finally got an reply from the LYFT company saying that they have got all of my documents and are going to process my ID verification. I am not sure why this takes so long but it is a common thing. I have read a lot of other peoples post about this and there is a thing called on-boarding. This is the time where the company is verifying your ID. I think this is kind of a ploy to let you have less time to reach your goals.

Think about this they give you 30 days to hit a goal after you have set up. During this time if your on-boarding 1/2 of it you have less of a percentage on hitting your goal. This is just coming from the information that I have currently. Both Uber and Lyft may give an extension after they officially give the green light but for now I am not sure.

Cool thing is that I have updated all of my profile in the mean time to make sure that it looks professional and that people know what I am about when they get in to the car.

I cant wait to get started to eat up some of this dead time on the weekends and night so my time will go faster while I am here in Virginia.

Thank You all once again,