The Vehicle Inspection

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to my blog post. I have been going through the process of becoming an Uber/Lyft driver this past week and it has been a little bit more then frustrating.

Today I sought out the Virginia Vehicle inspection and it took some time at one of the local shops but it was very simple. I have a BMW 335 and some of the tail light bulbs were out and they let me know this. Prior to getting the inspection signed this needed to be fixed. I went to the local BMW dealership and stopped in to see what the damage was going to be. The parts dealer Matt was great and assisted me in getting my parts and did not charge be for the 3 bulbs and I was very great full for this. After replacing the bulbs I went back over to auto inspection place and got it all signed off.

Loading the document was the next thing on the list to do so I sought this part out in the application and this was very ease.  Just taking a picture and loading it to the program and then the applications were completed.

Right after I did this Lyft sent me a notification that my application was denied for some reason and I need to follow up on this in order to find out what went wrong. Uber was a different story and they have been review my documents.

Now I will play the waiting game with Uber and find out what is next.

Stay tuned to find out how this goes.




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