Information for the Hampton Roads Area

Whats going on everyone?

I wanted to come back online and drop a thread about what is going on in the Hampton Roads area this up coming week.

This last week was a good week for me considering that I do this on the side for a part time job. I made just under $500 this week with about $100 worth of gas taken out of that for a total of $400 profit.

Things that i found out that work out for me is driving during week around 700-1000 P.M. During these times i normally just work the New Port News area and make about $50 a night. This is good because the work load is short and I can get out and enjoy the evenings. The second thing that has been working is working Shore drive on the weekend.

Friday was a very nice day and I made $184 that day. There is a lot of different drivers that are out there but do not work the north side of shore drive.

Don’t work the Norfolk Navel base. This area is over populated with drivers right now because of the bonus that is being presented in the area. On Saturday I counted 15 cars on post mid day. This will cause you to sit and not get any rides at all.

Just my opinion.

If you want to join Uber use the link below and score yourself and me some cash!!!!

Sign up with me



Free Cheddar in Hampton Roads

So this weekend there are two big events that will be going on in order to make some money. The first one is WWE Sumer Slam and this will be held in the Hampton Coliseum. This should be an event that will bring us some much needed demand in the UBER realm and allow us to make a bit of money off of the event. For details I have the link below.

The second event will happen on Sunday and I belive that this one will be a little bit better for money because this will appeal for a much younger group of people and the location will be better as well. One Republic will be playing at the United Home Loans center in Virginia Beach.  The link is below:

Hay if you all have any questions about any thing please let me know or if you would like to see different material leave a comment and I will do my best to get the information out.



Williamsburg Driving Uber

Yesterday was a good night to drive with Uber. I set out north to Williamsburg, VA. The crowd of people that I picked up was very different from one an other. I took some people to the Newport News Airport they were a very nice group. I also has some late night workers that I dropped off in the middle of the night.

One thing that I did not due was pick up any one from Bush Gardens. I would have thought that there was going to be more demand from the theme park but there was not.

Once again keep sending the invites to people that you think that will sign up for the company. One person that I gave a ride to was very interested so i just used my phone after the ride was complete to shoot him a referral. If he signs up all the better for me because he will get me an extra $50 dollars.

That’s all for today,

Next post this after noon will have some good information on event’s going on the weekend of the 22-23 July 2017 in Hampton Roads.

Lets make that money,


Double Tip Day with Uber

Whats going on every one???

I just wanted to put some information out there for you all to see. Tomorrow is going to be a good day with it being double tip day with Uber. The company says that it will match all of the tips that you receive during the whole day.

This is a good thing and I think the majority of the Uber drivers should take advantage of this when they can.   I am not going to ask for anything at all but am going to make a clever sign that will let them know what the promotion is and what it is about.

I hope you all have good luck as well and enjoy the extra money when you can.

Thank You Again,


Referral Program

Whats going on everyone? I just wanted to hop on line and get some information out to you all. I have been looking at my contact list and trying to figure out whom I could send an invite to and them actually get them to drive. Most of my fiends will not do this at all and just make fun of me. I am trying to make some cash and that is what it boils down to.

The Uber corporation has a referral program that works all right. I would get $50 if you would sign up and use my referral code. So i want to put this out here and see what happens. Please feel free to use this if you want to sign up for Uber and put some cash in my pocket.

Reference Number: RAFAELP5111UE

Use it if you can.


The night on the 15 in Hampton Roads

Last night was a lot of fun and I made a little bit of money through out the trip. I started at 10:00pm because I was playing games with my family and wanted to go out and see what the night life was about. I started in Newport news and ended up in Hampton. The business in Newport news is good with a lot of drops coming from Hoss’s Deli near Oyster Point. The riders were all having a good time and I did not have any issues with the people whom were getting in to the car.

I started to get riders from Hampton because one of the trips placed me out there and that was a lot of fun. I meet a group of people whom were great and lived a ways out from Hampton but the trip was great and enjoyable. It was the four of them and a tight squeeze in the BMW but we got them to their destination. It was a man and three women and all three of the women were trying to get me to go party at there house once I dropped them off.

The night went on and I drove until 2:00 am making about $50 at night. It is not bad money if you want to do it on the weekends and night.

Just Remember don’t end up being like this taxi driver.

Until next time,



Day two in Hampton Roads

Today was a good day I learned a lot about the whole Uber concept goes. I started at 7:00 am and got some of the people that needed to get to work. The work in Newport news is good and it keeps me busy all morning. I want to see how the other parts of the Hampton Roads area so I went to Norfolk and Hampton to see how it was.

There was a lot of surging in Hampton near 664 and Hampton university. This is because of the college students that are down their and they all like to go area in an Uber. Norfolk was hot all of the day, most of the good surging 2* and 3* rates were in the Roland hills and green hill park.

Some of the cool things that happened today is that I believe i transported a drug dealer to his spot that he needed to go to. Once they got in to the car the man was like has lady where is that eighth. I just could not believe my eats and i kind of ignored what was going on. I don’t think  I should have but that is just what I did.

On a good note I had a few people come in and tip after the ride was completed. I thought that was cool and getting a 5 dollar tip is always nice. I got a few other tips throughout the day and made out all right.

The night should help get my numbers up and over the 100 day make today we shall see.

Thank You ,


The First Day

14 July 2017 marks the first day that I was able to get on the road and drive a bit. I was very nervous at first because I did not know what to do at all and that is all right. So I pulled in the phone and then went online. This was the start of an interesting night but none the less. I ended up doing three trips and making $30.68. My first trip was short with a lady in her mid 30’s and she was a joy to have in the car. She was very talkative and shared some of here stories with me. The second trip was with a young lady in her 20’s going to have a night on the town. And the last lady was going to her friends house a ways down the road.

Each one of the drives had their own cool meaning and coolness to them.

I did learn some things about Uber the first day. The first thing is set the Uber application online first thing you can and go to a busy area that you would like to drive in. Second thing is to look at the trends that are going on in your area. If you would like to make more money you need to go to the surge pricing areas that will give you *2 or *3 the regular rate. This is very important because you will make more money. 3 Make a tip sign like I have attached and place it in your car. This mill make people laugh and have a good time and remind them that they should rate your performance. This will make sure you keep this 5 star rating and keep the people wanting to ride with you. The last piece of advice is to be a person to the rider. Do not just sit their and not talk to your riders it will make for a better ride for the both of you and people will feel better when tipping you.


Last thing that just changed today is the option to tip the driver. The sign will help because the rider will be able to tip with the application with out a problem.

Thanks for keeping in touch, until tomorrow.


Getting Started

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I woke up and finally got the Green Light to start to drive with Uber. I am super excited and super nervous as well. I need to get the car cleaned up and make sure I go get my Uber Swag to place on my car while I drive. I made sure to look this up because you want to make sure that you are in compliance with the companies policy. Image result for uber decal in car

Right above is an example of where it will have to be located at. I will hop on later and let you all know how the first ride goes and give you any tips or tricks about the whole experience.

If you want to start driving and make a little extra at the beginning please feel free to contact me when you do. If you use my referral code I will get some extra money and you are going to get some as well. This is if you complete a certain number of trips.

My Referral code is:  rafaelp5111ue

Once again I want to thank you all for coming in and enjoy this blog.



The Waiting Game

Good Afternoon,

So I finally got an reply from the LYFT company saying that they have got all of my documents and are going to process my ID verification. I am not sure why this takes so long but it is a common thing. I have read a lot of other peoples post about this and there is a thing called on-boarding. This is the time where the company is verifying your ID. I think this is kind of a ploy to let you have less time to reach your goals.

Think about this they give you 30 days to hit a goal after you have set up. During this time if your on-boarding 1/2 of it you have less of a percentage on hitting your goal. This is just coming from the information that I have currently. Both Uber and Lyft may give an extension after they officially give the green light but for now I am not sure.

Cool thing is that I have updated all of my profile in the mean time to make sure that it looks professional and that people know what I am about when they get in to the car.

I cant wait to get started to eat up some of this dead time on the weekends and night so my time will go faster while I am here in Virginia.

Thank You all once again,